We offer our expertise to manage antenna sites serving all wireless communications service providers and new technologies such as wireless Internet, HDTV and LMDS (Local Multi-point Distribution Service), including virtually all brands and types of wireless communications equipment.

Services include technical engineering, on-site maintenance, quality, safety and regulation compliance.

Based on the following items, we can custom tailor your contract by site and possibly allow for multiple site discounts.

  • Your Site Environment
  • Your Site Inventory - Major Sites
  • R56 Standards Compliance
  • The Level of Customer Support You Need
  • The Type of Technical Management You Need
  • Your Equipment Storage And Semi-Annual Inventory

Our constant presence on all the major communication sites in the area gives us a unique capability to offer an inexpensive way for site owners to get regular maintenance on their equipment.

Please contact one of our Site Consultants for a comprehensive list of our services